non glamorous e-books

These 3 free e-books have given countless drummers quick, simple direction to grow their skills. From what to practice and how to practice, to setting up a kit in the most logical manner, these resources are sure to offer some easy steps for accelerating the learning process.

Cover (What You Actually Need to Know on the Drums).png

what you actually need to know on the drums

The goal of the channel’s most popular booklet is to accelerate your learning the drums. Knowing and understanding the most important skill categories to work on is the first step toward learning FAST. Whether you’re new to the drums or you’ve been playing for years, you’ll gain additional insight into some of the most important, yet overlooked topics in drumming.


60 Tips for becoming a better drummer

What better way to gain some fast knowledge than a list of the 60 most helpful, most practical drumming tips? This simple yet comprehensive list delves into 6 topical categories, from gigging to practicing to gear. If you’re a beginner, this booklet is an absolute must. If you’re an advanced player, pick it up anyway and see which tips you may or may not have ever thought of.

Cover (The Non Glamorous Drummer's Ergonomics Checklist).png

the non glamorous drummer’s ergonomics checklist

Complete with photos and hand-drawn diagrams illustrating kit-setup points, this booklet will quickly help you get on track with setting up your kit “ergonomically.” It’s important that we set up our drumset in a manner that fits our body. Being comfortable at the kit is essential to playing well, and this isn’t a difficult goal to achieve.

Cover (Why You're Struggling to Get Better at the Drums).png

why you’re struggling to get better at the drums

“Why You’re Struggling to Get Better at the Drums” is really a practicing “handbook.” The goal of this booklet is to guide you through all the hurdles associated with practicing: “What do I practice?” “How do I find the time to practice?” “How do I evaluate my playing?” These questions are answered through 5 steps that will help you challenge yourself and increase your progress on the drums.