the 5 qualities of a great drummer

A Step-By-Step, Practical Guide to Reaching Your Full Potential on the Drums


In Spring of 2018, I began hearing a common need among drummers learning online.

In June I interviewed 21 subscribers to learn more about this “need.” Speaking to fellow drummers who watch my videos and read my emails was very motivating and inspiring. More importantly, these conversations were extremely informative and enlightening, and I found a common thread in many of their dialogues. As we talked about playing drums, practicing, and balancing music with life, one specific need always came up.

I wish there was a simple, single method I could follow in order to learn the drums.

Many of these drummers were echoing a need for a learning resource containing only the most important, essential pieces of drumming knowledge and skill. In other words, they wanted something that would quickly teach them skills they’d actually use. What better way to learn drums quickly than to be taught by a method that saves time by condensing all the most important skills to learn?

I started planning for this “learning resource,” and I launched a Kickstarter in September of 2018 to test the concept further. The project was funded within 3 days, and work quickly began on creating the full-on video course, “The 5 Qualities of a Great Drummer.” Join the countless drummers who have already jumped on board. Accelerate your learning and take your drumming to the next level by understanding the 5 core skills you REALLY need to know.

Here’s what makes this course different from my youtube videos…

The content of “The 5 Qualities of a Great Drummer” was literally generated by my YouTube audience, FOR my YouTube audience. You guys asked the questions, and I did my very best to clearly answer them. Here’s what you can expect:

  • My 10yrs of Experience as a Gigging Drummer, all condensed into a simple method.

  • The course will benefit ANY drummer of any skill level, because a great drummer never stops working on the core essentials.

  • This is the “curriculum” that dozens of students have had me personally teach them over the years.

  • Unlike on the YouTube channel, here we go completely in depth with every topic. Nothing left out!

  • A complete, written companion to each segment of the course.

    • A synopsis of the key points from the lesson

    • Drum notation of all exercises, key grooves and examples

    • Action steps that make it simple for you to put into practice what you’re learning

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What Drummers Are Saying…

“I want to thank you for what is an excellent course that is fantastic value for the money (I've just finished the "Time" segment). The coordination exercises are brilliant and I'm having a lot of fun working through them. Your suggestion to switch the kit around to improve your weak hand is absolute genius. I've seen plenty of other suggestions for how to improve the weak hand but this seems to me to be by far the best. I'm loving this course, and you have an excellent teaching style.”  - Ray

“This course is well designed with charts to help learn the concepts slowly. I have found that [the Hand Technique and Coordination sections] have helped me immensely on my weak left hand, and I am seeing improvement on my bass drum and high hat consistency. I highly encourage anyone serious about improving to sign up for the course. Stephen's instruction is low key but very effective.” - Rick

if you learn the 5 great drumming skills, here’s what’s gonna happen…

This is the first ever video course to condense all the most important drumming skills to master into one streamlined method. No more scouring the internet digging through the information overload trying to figure out what you should actually be practicing. You’ll soon find that..

  • You’re able to Streamline your practicing so that you can make more progress in less time. 

  • Increase your vocabulary.

  • Play more fluidly and naturally with comfortable, solid time.

  • Improvise with a wide vocabulary so that you can play with other musicians

  • Play tastefully and naturally on great-sounding drums that you know how to tune.

  • Find that deep satisfaction in accomplishing something great on an instrument.

Guess what? If you put in the work, you can absolutely do all of these things.

I believe that this course will give you all the most essential tips, tricks, skills, and guidance that you need in order to accelerate your progress on the drums and reach those goals. Stop struggling in the practice room and start making progress.

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